At Crypto Betting, we investigate every bitcoin sportsbook that comes to our attention. We put their betting odds, range of sports, payment methods, and everything else a punter might consider to the test. Once we’ve sifted through all the information, we only recommend the best bookies to our readers.

Moreover, our team has delved into numerous countries, sports, payment methods, games, and even eSports to provide comprehensive guides. We have also filtered all of our Bitcoin betting sites, showcasing only the best for each specific segment.

Are you searching for the ultimate bookie for cricket betting? We have them! How about baseball? We’ve got that covered too. Whether you want to bet internationally or domestically, check out our country pages to see which bookies are willing to accept your wager.

At Crypto Betting, we provide everything you need for successful betting, including in-depth reviews of the top Bitcoin sports betting sites. We hope these reviews prove helpful in selecting the best bookie for you, or teaching you how to identify a bookmaker’s strengths and weaknesses.

Continue reading to discover the methods we use to find, rate, and present all the bookies featured on our website. Good luck, and may the odds forever be in your favor!

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Top Crypto Betting Sites of the Year!

Our team has compiled a list of the top five Bitcoin betting sites of the year. These brands have already proven to be popular and reputable in the market, with plenty of bonuses and a selection of sports to wager on.


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Simply click on the sign-up button and start betting now! Further details about each online bookmaker Bitcoin site, along with their unique offers and features, can be found below.

How We Rate and Review BTC Bookies

Finding and identifying reliable Bitcoin bookies isn’t as simple as one might think. Our team’s approach involves a lengthy and meticulous process that demands constant observation, comparison with other options, and knowledge of the industry. The list below outlines how we rate and review a bookmaker.

License and Regulation

Licenses and regulations are critical factors when reviewing any BTC bookmaker. We place a significant emphasis on this aspect, as it’s difficult to talk about legitimacy and competence without the right licenses.

A license ensures that the bookmaker offers fair odds and maintains transparency.

By doing so, we ensure that the bookmaker doesn’t have an unfair advantage over its players. All information concerning licenses and regulations is clearly stated and provided.

It’s also important to check individual country restrictions, which are usually outlined in the FAQ or terms and conditions sections of a website.

Some crypto sportsbooks have specific country restrictions, so it’s essential to check before registering to avoid disappointment. However, most crypto bookmakers restrict as few countries as possible.

Dashboard Comparisons

At Crypto Betting, we pay close attention to the dashboard of every bookie we review. We assess its functionality, how easy it is to identify a betting option, and how simple it is to place a bet. User experience is a vital aspect of every bookmaker.

Confusing website designs can undermine a punter’s confidence in a bookie. All of the Bitcoin bookmakers featured in our reviews excel in this area.

You can expect nothing short of the most comfortable betting experience when visiting these sites. The dashboard and betting section is well-designed with neatly outlined odds and additional betting options.

With thousands of bookmakers worldwide, each one does its best to create the most beneficial system for its customers. Our comparisons ensure that you select the most appropriate crypto bookie in terms of visual design and navigation.


We always compare the odds of sportsbooks with each other. This involves assessing the odds of live games and those upcoming within a week of writing the review.

This helps us to compare how each of the best Bitcoin bookies assign the odds and whether some are significantly better than others.

Odds are, the first thing that the majority of customers scrutinize when they visit a website. It is the odds that determine your success and winnings.

Good odds are crucial. Even the slightest difference can impact your profits in the long term. Odds should be adequate and follow industry standards.

All of our chosen bookmakers have larger odds than their competitors, offering you the chance to increase your winnings significantly. Check out these websites for more information.

Bet Variety

It’s essential that a bookie provides as many options for its punters as possible. This includes the additional bet market. Simply betting on which team will win can get tiresome.

However, betting on how many points a team will score or how many fouls there will be during a game is much more fun.

Variety is key. Handicap betting is one of the most popular choices, and different sports offer a range of betting options.

For example, in basketball, you might bet on total points, including overtime betting, or select a player who you think will score more than 30 points. Individual sports also have a wide range of choices.

Everything depends on what type of player you are. Betting on statistics can result in more prolific odds and bigger winnings.


Fees on crypto bookies are typically associated with withdrawals and deposits. Most platforms have realized that removing fees means more customer loyalty.

Any online Bitcoin sportsbook still charging fees could be behind the curve or not care enough to update to modernity.

Crypto bookies strive to free their clients from additional commission fees. While fees still exist, they are minimal and have little impact on the money withdrawn.

Notable crypto bookmakers use this strategy to provide their customers with maximum convenience.

No Deposit Fees and Generous Bonuses

As always, deposit fees are absent. You are not required to add more money to the amount you deposit, which is a significant advantage compared to regular bookmakers.


Bonuses are a crucial factor when selecting a crypto bookmaker. They provide customers with a wide range of options and opportunities to maximize their winnings. Without bonuses, it’s hard to imagine any Bitcoin bookmaker. Our reviews indicate that all bookmakers offer deposit bonuses and additional services to their clients.

You can get a 100% boost from bookmaker bonuses, and the wagering requirements are not hard to meet.

Moreover, there are temporary promotions for loyal players who have been playing on the website for a while. Thus, long-term punters can expect innovative bonuses that are constantly being updated.

Additional Reviewed BTC Bookies

Apart from the top three bookmakers we’ve reviewed, there are other crypto bookies offering clients some of the best services imaginable, along with various bonuses and diverse payment methods. Sign up with these Bitcoin betting sites if the top three did not impress you. Just click the button below!

Importance of Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses are essential when it comes to Bitcoin bookmakers. In the fierce competition that exists between crypto sportsbooks, having some of the unique and innovative promotions is necessary to gain an edge over competitors. Some bookmakers offer more than ten bonuses, both temporary and permanent, that are regularly updated.

Types of Bonuses

The most common types of bonuses you will encounter on sports betting websites are:

  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus
  • Free Bet Bonus

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is the rarest type you will usually find on cryptocurrency betting sites. This is because bookmakers require nothing from you except to register and go through the verification process. After all necessary steps have been met, you are awarded either a free bet or free spins.

A free bet is an amount of money you can use to bet on sports matches and increase your winnings. Free spins are also awarded when you make a particular bet on your favorite matches.

However, there is a detail players need to consider after receiving the bonus.

Wagering requirements play a massive role in no deposit bonuses. In order to withdraw the winnings, you must roll the bonus over several times.

This varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, and there is no set of rules you need to follow. If you do not comply with the wagering requirements on top Bitcoin betting sites, you will simply lose the bonus money received from the bookmaker.

No deposit bonuses are tricky and rare, so take close attention to the terms they offer you.

Deposit Bonus

As its name suggests, a deposit bonus requires a specific amount of money to be deposited into your account in order to claim the promotion. It is the most common type of bonus available in online casinos and bookmakers, and sometimes there are additional bonuses available after several subsequent deposits with varying percentages.

Using a crypto deposit bonus gives you the option of getting more money to use for sports betting. Nonetheless, it is crucial to take note of the minimum amount required for you to deposit into your account to qualify for the bonus.

The minimum amount is generally not very high, which is one of the primary advantages of this type of bonus.

Most Bitcoin bookmakers who support cryptocurrencies will allow you to replenish your account with digital coins and receive a boost.

Similar to the no deposit bonus mentioned earlier, deposit bonuses also have wagering requirements. To withdraw the money given to you by the bookmaker, you need to roll it over multiple times.

Generally, the wagering conditions are not very high, and every punter can meet these requirements by selecting the appropriate odds and games.

Free Bet Bonus

A free bet bonus is often associated with a no deposit bonus, since you risk nothing to place bets on your favorite games.

A free bet is essentially money offered by the bookmaker, which is rarely more than $10, that you can use to make predictions on the selected matches.

In other instances, you may receive a free bet after depositing some money proportional to your account balance. Individual Bitcoin bookmakers follow their own policies regarding free bets, so there is no hard and fast rule regarding this bonus.

Additionally, free bets are typically only available for the most popular matches, such as top European leagues like the Champions League or Europa League.

Every Bitcoin bookmaker will have information about the possible leagues and competitions in which you can bet.

Free bet bonuses are very attractive, but like other bonuses mentioned earlier, you have to wager any money won from a free bet several times to make it withdrawable. Rules from the bookmakers are not stringent, and you can comply with them easily.

Your BTC Betting Map

As we’ve mentioned in our BTC bookmaker reviews, licensing and regulation vary between countries, making it difficult to determine if betting is allowed in your country.

Fortunately, we have an extensive list of countries available, which we will likely expand in the future. However, it’s crucial to read the instructions carefully since not all bookmakers may accept customers from your location, and your country might prohibit betting. Therefore, it’s crucial to examine the laws and regulations that exist in different countries.


Currently, there are no laws in Australia that would prohibit players from betting on Australian betting sites with crypto. However, it should be noted that unregulated forms of gambling are not allowed under Australian laws.

Sports betting, racing, and lotteries are the only types of entertainment that are free from government regulations and considered legal under the Interactive Gambling Act.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, players can enjoy traditional online betting sites as well as their crypto counterparts. It’s entirely legal to bet on sports matches in New Zealand if you use a bookmaker located overseas.

This means it is fully legal to bet on British and European bookmakers’ Bitcoin betting websites. If you are a resident of New Zealand, you can proceed with betting without any problems and bet legally on any online bookmaker.


Every online bookmaker or casino located in the country should have a government-issued license, which is a prerequisite for their legal functioning. It is not illegal to bet on sports events or wager money in casinos in Canada.

The country legalized online betting back in the 90s, but initially only allowed parlay betting. At present, citizens can also bet with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Best Coins for Crypto Sports Betting

Crypto betting has recently become very popular. Although there are many coins available for betting, only a few stands out as the top options. Some of these cryptocurrencies offer advantages in terms of anonymity, transaction speed, and security. These cryptocurrencies are all unique, and we will review each of them with their advantages and disadvantages.

Top Crypto Casinos for Gamblers

We also write about Bitcoin casinos with the most popular games available. In fact, some of the sportsbooks we’ve mentioned above also have a casino section, meaning you can find entertainment from both sides of the industry on just one website.

Below are the top 5 Bitcoin casinos we have reviewed so far, as well as an in-depth look into some of the best casino games you can play today. These casinos have plenty of experience under their belt, and you can be sure to find licensed games and the most comfortable experience trying out these crypto casino games.

FAQ on Crypto Betting

How do we find new Crypto Sportsbooks?

Finding a new crypto sportsbook can be challenging, especially if you are new to this field. One option is to attend conferences, which offer opportunities to connect with other people and discover new sportsbooks and bookmakers. While these events aren’t frequent, you can always take advantage of the chance and find a suitable sportsbook for you.

Business meetings are another option, as many people exchange opinions and information about providers, which could lead you to a specific bookie.

Some bookies belong to the same brand, so searching for those brands and their affiliated bookies is another way to find a sportsbook that meets your needs. Reading reviews on different websites is also helpful to ensure the legitimacy of bookmakers.

Are all Bitcoin betting sites safe and secure?

No, not all Bitcoin betting sites are safe and secure, but we only recommend the ones that are. Some sites are scams designed to attract customers and drain money from them.

For new players in the gambling industry, it’s difficult to decide which bookmakers to choose even if they have a license, as it can be faked.

Therefore, reading reviews and feedback from other players is important. A good site should also have a license from a prominent regulator such as Curacao.

Since Bitcoin gambling is still a developing field, the chances of being scammed are high, so it’s essential to be careful and select reviewed bookmakers cautiously.

Do we earn from bookies we recommend?

Yes, you can earn from the bookmakers we recommend, but it requires effort in betting and making accurate predictions. While it’s a challenging task, the winnings can be substantial.

The same applies to casino games, all of which are provably fair, meaning that no external factors can influence the outcome of roulette, slots, blackjack, or baccarat. Crypto casinos don’t have an illegal advantage over players, and the results can be verified.

The bookies we recommend have already proven to be among the best providers of services, bonuses, and games, so there’s no need to doubt them. We prioritize reliability, and the brands mentioned in our guide reflect this.

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