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Selecting a good NHL Pond hockey website or supplement does not necessarily have to be frustrating. With the right information, you will be able to instantly find a solid and ranked ice hockey pond betting website or supplement it with competitive odds.

Sports Betting Dime will be able to help you realize where to direct your interest if you become limited to the area of alternatives to NHL sports bookmakers. Utilizing a combination of industry analysis as well as skills acquired from the 1st pen, I have compiled an index of the best websites as well as add-ons with the goal of pond ice hockey in the State Hockey League.

On the verge of the emergence of newer, newer ice hockey pond websites in 2023, our team will be researching past views as well as refreshing our reviews with the most up-to-date information.

Whatever you want to achieve this season, start selecting the best websites and supplements for NHL pond hockey right here.

NHL Betting Site Bonuses

NHL Betting Site Bonuses

NHL pond discounts are a great method for new customers to get even more benefits from their online ice hockey pond. The most significant discounts are congratulatory prescriptions, which are given in the presence of registration or deposit in the best applications and websites for NHL Pond.

Do not save these funds in the lunch place. If you can realize the main requirement, these discounts have a chance to cost a hundred or thousands of dollars.

You must investigate the requirement, assume what amount of money you are going to bring, as well as what you will get instead, this or that bet you no produced.

Congratulatory prescriptions usually get the configuration of deposit matches or credits in gratuitous bets, which call for you to contribute or risk your tools, first of all, rather than to acquire a reward.

DraftKings Sportsbook NHL Promo: Bet $5, Get $200 + No Sweat SGP Everyday

DraftKings Sportsbook has the reputation of being one of the best sportsbooks in the commercial market for a reason. Just as with NFL and NBA betting, their extensive selection of NHL pond species does not disappoint in any way. Also, of course, you will not be able to offend in any way in the sports club that gives you $200 already after a deposit of $5 in case of victory of your instructions, and also the daily reward No Sweat SGP.

FanDuel Sportsbook NHL Promo: Bet $5, Get $150 + Profit Boost Everyday

The only other mainstay in the online sports betting community, FanDuel Sportsbook gives bettors interesting NHL bets. Because of the generous Bet $5, Get $150 + Profit Boost Everyday offer for the newest members, they are considered one of the biggest investors for a reason.

BetMGM NHL Promo: $1,500 First Bet Offer

If you work together with such famous hockey players as Wayne Gretzky and Connor McDavid, your sporting activities club is founded for an ice hockey pond. BetMGM is a top-degree sports labor according to the NHL along with some of the best odds as well as pond money line in the current fun. Their recommendation according to 1 bet in the amount of 1 Five hundred $ does not in any way induce hesitation, as well as all without exception, what you need to do is to register and also use the promo.

Caesars Sportsbook NHL Promo: Up to $1,000 on Caesars

When it comes to rich congratulatory services, Caesars Sportsbook gives up to $1,000 to bettors seeking to assist in world-class hockey games. They give the only one with the biggest discounts in every North American pond trade and also do it fashionably.

Best NHL Betting Apps

Best New NHL Betting Apps

In the presence of this number of add-ons with the purpose of the pond in the NHL you can be tempted to stay together with your favorite sports edition and also no way to learn exactly nothing new. You can be extremely surprised to learn that the newest addition with the purpose of the pond in the NHL can have a large number of positive aspects, including marketing promotions, the most interesting odds, and probably the best overall user experience.

Whether you set your unit in currency, puck line, total goals, or all sorts of other bazaars, the latest NHL pond add-on like ESPN Sportsbook can help you. Common indications like Colorado Avalanche, Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as Boston Bruins, will certainly be of interest to a huge number of ponds in this newest NHL sportsbook supplement.

The ESPN BET add-on, created by PENN Entertainment, will contain interesting promotions along with fascinating personalities from the world’s top sports executives. You can expect Pat McAfee to offer an ESPN BET promo code for NHL fans, as well as the chief has recently introduced another sector in his TV show called “Hockey Is Awesome”.

Being one of the newest and also the best additions to the NHL pond, ESPN BET will not disappoint hockey fans. This is not only one of the newest add-ons that work in the rinks, as other new sportsbooks, such as Fanatics Sportsbook, and also the world-famous Bet365, are considered excellent variations.

Types of NHL Betting Promos

The NHL season brings a lot of exciting discounts and promotions at different sports clubs. Caesars Sportsbook promo codes are considered to be a good example of this, as well as nowadays they give up to 1000 $ for the newest bettors who have signed up in their sports club.

Discounts are regularly circulated in sportsbooks, especially in Barstool Sportsbook. Barstool Sportsbook promotions are very diverse, but there is a single sign-up reward, which is perfect for the basics of the NHL season. New users have a chance to buy $1,000 in main betting insurance after registering with Barstool Sportsbook. It’s probably not as tasty a recommendation as Caesars, but it’s always a good idea to dive into several different exciting add-ons for the pond to find the best recommendation for the NHL season.

best nhl betting sites

How to find the best NHL betting site?

Sports Betting Dime uses a variety of methods when comparing and searching for sports betting sites that we can recommend. A critical component of our approach is our direct experience betting on each site as regular customers.

We start just like any other online bettor – download the app, open an account, deposit real money, and make various wagers on the available NHL lines.

We pay attention to a few specific factors, examining the best odds and sportsbook features available on each site:

  • Does the NHL betting site have a legal license?
  • Are there plenty of convenient deposit and withdrawal options?
  • What lines and features are available in the actual sportsbook?
  • Are there valuable bonuses or special offers?

Ultimately, we are looking for sites that we would be happy to recommend to our family and friends.

Ranking these sites against each other also requires us to make direct comparisons. Rather than basing these rankings on the whims and opinions of our reviewers alone, we conduct regular research to keep our finger on the pulse of sportsbook industry standards.

You can read many of these studies for yourself, such as analyzing data on standard odds movement, line release times, and the juice charged in the industry.

Of course, the ratings will help you find a site with the specific features and focus you’re looking for. Below, we’ll look at a few specific factors that will help you choose the perfect NHL hockey betting site and app.

Understanding the NHL Betting Line: Most Important Factors

Finding a hockey betting site that offers plenty of odds on NHL games isn’t hard to find.

From preseason games to betting on All-Star Weekend and the Stanley Cup Final, every site will offer odds on the standard types of hockey betting: money line, puck line, and totals (over/under).

But it’s worth paying close attention to the seemingly minor differences between the odds offered by the various online bookmakers. Some sites offer excellent odds on hockey lines, while other sites offer a wider selection of “secondary lines” and exotic betting options.

NHL bettors should also pay attention to how early the odds are available and how much they change before the puck is scored.

Additional NHL betting odds

Along with the standard options described above, NHL betting sites worth their salt offer at least three additional betting options: NHL Props, Grand Salami Betting, and Futures.

The quality and variety of NHL futures and betting lines available tend to be one of the biggest differences between hockey betting sites.

NHL prop bets

Proposition, or prop bets, ask you to bet on some element of an event rather than the outcome of the game itself.

When it comes to hockey, these bets can relate to the performances of individual players or the entire team.

Common examples include predicting which team will win the first meeting, the total time of the first goal scored, or the number of shots on goal by a star player.

NHL grand salami

The grand salami bet is a betting option unique to hockey and baseball. Like betting on totals, grand salami betting asks you to predict the total score, but for each game to be played that day.

Bettors have the choice of taking the over/under total or choosing whether the home or away teams will score more goals overall for the day in question.

NHL Futures

NHL futures require you to predict in advance the outcome of an important event or award. The most common bet on NHL futures is to pick the Stanley Cup winner. Other interesting options include predicting a team’s total number of wins during the year.

Note that odds on NHL futures lines fluctuate greatly during the season. Look for lines for next season right after the Stanley Cup playoffs are over – you’ll have plenty of time to shop around and grab the best option.

Juice hockey odds – understand bookmaker commission

Online sports betting sites do not play on sporting events directly. Their profits are collected in the form of vigorish or juice – a processing fee included directly in the odds for each game.

Because these fees are not explicitly stated, it can be difficult to quickly compare the difference between the juice charged by NHL betting sites.

But even small differences can have a significant impact on your bankroll in the long run. Spend the time to make sure the vigorish on the line you’re betting on is up to industry standards.

Odds movement and line release times in the NHL

Since each team plays 82 games per season, like in the NBA, there isn’t much downtime in the NHL’s busy regular season schedule. Compared to NFL soccer, odds makers don’t have as much time to study and predict each matchup.

As a result, NHL betting odds are usually not published until the day before the game. More time for betting is an advantage, so it’s worth signing up with a site that meets this standard.

Odds often fluctuate in the hours leading up to the game, as money comes in and the sportsbook tries to balance the action on each side of the bet. Some NHL betting sites react to these changes faster than others.

If you want to bet against the public or watch for sudden money moves, you’re best served by a site with more frequent line changes.

The best site to bet on the NHL

22BET sportsbook offers a huge number of betting options at bargain prices. They are well known for their selection of alternate lines/puck predictions and extremely creative betting.

The prices are in line with industry standards or even better. In the case of NHL futures, you will almost certainly find an additional benefit at 22BET. Higher odds often increase payouts on individual NHL games.

The brand has also partnered with the NHL to gain access to the league’s new “puck and player data.” While other NHL betting sites have struck deals with the league to provide data, BetMGM is the only operator that has paid for this level of access.

You can expect even more interesting odds on NHL players in the future.


  • The juice in NHL lines is often lower than the competition, especially when it comes to futures betting.
  • There are a huge number of interesting alternative lines and prop bets available

Best NHL betting apps

Let’s be blunt: mobile betting is the way to go these days. Accessing all of your favorite mobile sports betting apps right from your phone is easy, convenient, and probably saves you some money on gas.

Using an NHL betting app can also help you access all your bets when you’re on the road and don’t have time to visit a casino to place a wager. Just a few simple clicks on your Apple or Android phone and you’re all set.

Wherever you are, whether you’re in a bar enjoying an NHL game with friends or on the train coming back from work, NHL betting apps give you the ability to bet how you want and when you want.

All of the hockey betting sites on this page are mobile-friendly and offer an NHL betting app that you can use to place all your hockey bets easily and securely.

Get the most out of betting on the Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup playoffs are arguably the most exciting event in sports. Hockey is always a lightning-fast and very physical game. And it seems to get even faster and more physical as the playoffs begin in April.

Whether you’re betting on the futures line almost a year in advance or making a last-minute wager in the third period of Game 7, no hockey betting season is complete without getting in on the exciting postseason action.

Each site featured here offers playoff hockey betting opportunities, but there are differences in the publication date of futures odds for the Stanley Cup, conference, and divisional titles.

The postseason is also the best time for interesting and obscure bets, so you should find a site that provides a great selection in this arena as well. Note that online betting sites sometimes take more juice on the most popular events.

By choosing the best Stanley Cup betting site, you can enjoy unique betting lines at a price that matches the odds offered throughout the regular season.

The best site to bet on the Stanley Cup playoffs: PointsBet

PointsBet has a few unique features that make it a top choice for bettors betting on the postseason and those looking to bet on hockey’s biggest games.

Big events like the Stanley Cup tend to bring the biggest bets. Unfortunately, the most successful bettors often find themselves unable to place big bets on the biggest events. But thanks to PointsBet’s “Stay Sharp” approach, this is not a problem when it comes to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

High rollers will be happy to know that PointsBet offers a “Game Day Guarantee” which promises that they will accept straight bets up to $10,000, even on game day, on all NHL playoff games. This offer applies to everyone, regardless of how much money you have already won or lost on the platform.

PointsBetting’s unique offer is also a brand-new way to bet on puck lines, totals, and props. Futures lines are a solid value throughout the year. Another great site for NHL betting is Caesars Sportsbook.


  • Stanley Cup futures lines are published well in advance and offer good relative value throughout the year.
  • The game-day guarantee promises that anyone can bet big money on the playoffs, even at the last minute.

Don’t limit yourself to just NHL games

It’s easy to focus your betting exclusively on the NHL. With a long season packed with plenty of games every night, a lot is going on between October and June.

But hockey has widespread international popularity, and the best hockey betting sites offer the opportunity to bet on the top leagues from around the world. There are plenty of reasons not to ignore these secondary markets, especially if your goal is to profit in the long term.

Odds makers are human beings just like the rest of us, and they only have a few hours in the day. Since most of their efforts are focused on making predictions on NHL games, which are likely to attract the most bets, betting on CHL or SHL games is often of tremendous value.

It is relatively easy to find inside information that can be used to effectively predict the major European professional leagues. Of course, international tournaments such as the IIHF Junior Worlds are also worth a close look.

Signing up with a site that offers non-NHL hockey betting is a great way to ensure you get extra value and keep your season fresh and interesting.

The sites you’ll find here typically offer the major European leagues and international tournaments.

Best non-NHL / international hockey betting sites: William Hill

If you’re looking for the most extensive international hockey betting opportunities, it makes sense to turn to an international sports site like William Hill.

This brand has made a name for itself by offering lines on every conceivable sporting event around the world, and the variety on the hockey betting menu is truly impressive.


  • Standard betting lines on virtually every major European professional league.
  • Odds on NHL matches are as stable as William Hill’s.

Is NHL betting legal?

The legality of online sports betting in the US depends on your location. Regulation takes place at the state level. This means that if something is legal in New York, it doesn’t mean it will be legal in Hawaii, for example.

The key is to familiarize yourself with the regulations wherever you plan to bet. The good news is that legal online sports betting is quickly becoming more common across the country.

Each of the NHL betting sites and apps listed on this page is licensed to legally operate in the United States. They all use geolocation technology to determine if you are in a state where they are allowed to operate.

This is a great way to determine that you are using a legal hockey betting site – if they don’t verify your location, they are probably not licensed to accept bets from US customers. Outside of traditional online sports betting sites, fantasy sports sites offer a fan-friendly way to bet. JockMKT is one of the closest sites to use an Underdog Fantasy promo code for this brand. Prophet Exchange is also a betting exchange available in New Jersey, but expanding to other states near you.

But we can’t forget about Canadian sports bettors, either. With single-game sports betting now legal in the country, a number of interesting Canadian online bookmakers have popped up in the provinces. Ontario sports betting apps were the first to launch in Canada, which is great for fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators teams.

Time to start betting on the NHL

Once you have registered and made your first deposit at one of the legal NHL betting sites listed here, it’s time to pick a betting strategy and start betting on the fastest game in the world.

We highly recommend that you spend some time studying the hockey articles in our comprehensive sports betting guides. You’ll get guidance on everything from the basics of NHL betting to utilizing advanced hockey statistics.

Sports Betting Dime also offers a sports betting analytics platform to help you quickly see the ROI of each NHL team’s current season.

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