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  • Social casino
  • Smooth mobile platform
  • Limited number of games
  • Only US-based players allowed
  • No live casino

Funzpoints Casino Review

Funzpoints is one of the fastest growing betting casinos in the USA, where you can play casino-style games online for free.

Unlike traditional online casinos, no purchases are required to play Funzpoints. The site operates in accordance with the legislation on sweepstakes, which means that there is no need to obtain a gambling license and free access in 49 US states.

Funzpoints games can be played in both standard and premium mode.

When registering, you get standard funzpoints for free, as well as the opportunity to replenish your balance every three hours by rotating the Funzpoints Wheel.

When playing in standard mode, some games and functions are blocked. Standard funzpoints have no intrinsic value and cannot be exchanged for any prizes.

You can also purchase additional standard funzpoints, while as a free bonus you will receive additional premium funzpoints.

When playing in Premium mode, all games and features are fully unlocked, and winnings in the form of funzpoints Premium can be exchanged for cash prizes.

Funzpoints Casino Bonus

There are a lot of bonuses waiting for you in Funzpoints, both for standard and premium points.

To begin with, just by registering, you will receive 1,000 standard points. Every three hours you can spin the Funzpoints Wheel, which randomly awards you additional standard points (maximum 10,000 per spin), as well as several tickets for the daily Funzpoints jackpot draw.

The countdown timer to the next draw is located in the lower left corner of the screen, and the more tickets you accumulate, the more chances you have to win cash prizes played in the draw.

As a bonus, you can also get Premium points

Funzpoints gives 250 Premium points worth $ 2.50 just for filling out a profile after registration. You can also get additional premium points as a free bonus if you decide to purchase additional standard points, at the rate of 100 premium points for every dollar spent.

Moreover, a 100% bonus is due for the first purchase, so you will receive twice as many Premium points as a gift.

In addition, you can get free Premium Points by sending them directly by mail, as well as participating in other Funzpoints online promotions.

Premium points cannot be used immediately after receiving them. First, they need to be used to participate in games, and all winnings can be exchanged for cash prizes.

Funzpoints Casino

Payment Methods Accepted at Funzpoints

Additional Standard Points can be purchased using regular bank cards. Funzpoints accepts Visa and MasterCard cards, and the purchase process is the same as with any other online purchase.

Remember that you can only purchase Standard Points. Premium points cannot be purchased, although if you purchase a certain number of standard points, you can get free premium points.

This is also optional: you can play all the games on Funzpoints for free and not pay a penny if you don’t want to.

Funzpoints offers various purchase options: from $4.99 (for which you will receive 1,000 Standard points and 500 Premium points) to $99.99 (for which you will receive 20,000 Standard points and 10,000 Premium points).

And, of course, the first purchase on Funzpoints automatically entitles you to a 100% bonus.

Funzpoints Software

Funzpoints is a bright and cartoonish website that focuses on fun. There are a lot of small details on the site that give it additional appeal, for example, a countdown timer to the next draw, which helps to create a sense of anticipation.

In general, the site is very easy to use. At any time, you can switch from standard mode to premium by clicking the button at the top of the page, where you can also monitor the remaining points and the number of tickets collected.

The only drawback is the FAQ section, which is somewhat long and not focused. It would be nice if the help section was better organized and divided into sections, and a search bar was added.

Funzpoints Games

In total, there are about 50 different games in the Funzpoints menu, as well as several games marked as “coming soon”.

This is not a bad choice, although it falls short of the site’s competitors in the field of social casinos, such as Luckyland Slots and Chumba Casino.

Each Funzpoints game can be played in both standard and premium mode, but only premium points can be exchanged for cash prizes.

At the first registration, a decent number of games are also blocked. You can expand your access by purchasing additional points in Standard mode and playing more games for Premium points.

Funzpoints on mobile devices

Funzpoints doesn’t have a mobile app, but the site is still fully accessible for mobile devices. The search on the website is carried out in the same way as on a laptop, and the software is optimized for mobile devices, so it automatically adapts to a small screen.

You can play from your mobile in both standard and premium mode, and the site works equally well on both iPhone and Android and, in principle, on any other device.

Funzpoints Customer Support

The customer support at Funzpoints is decent, but can be improved.

There is a huge section “Information and frequently asked questions”, in which there is really a lot of useful information, but it is presented in the form of one solid text document.

It would be nice if this section were redesigned and broken down into different categories so that it would be easier to digest.

But, as we have already said, the information is still good – it’s just that the feed lets it down a little.

If you want to contact someone, it’s also very easy to do. Unfortunately, Funzpoints does not support chat. Instead, you can write to the team at Email.

Funzpoints strives to answer all questions within an hour, which is a perfectly acceptable time.

Funzpoints Licence and Security

Funzpoints’ parent company is called Woopla and is headquartered in Nova Scotia, Canada. Being a sweepstakes, Funzpoints does not require a license to conduct gambling and fully complies with the American legislation on sweepstakes.


What is Funzpoints?

Funzpoints is a betting casino where you can play casino style games online for free. You can play in both Standard mode and Premium mode using different types of Funzpoints.

In Premium mode, you can exchange the Premium points you have won for real cash prizes, which are sent directly to your bank account.

What is the Funzpoints Jackpot?

A jackpot totaling $1,000 is played daily at Funzpoints. You get free tickets to the draw by playing games, acquiring additional Standard points or spinning the Funzpoints Wheel.

Is Funzpoints legal?

Yes. Funzpoints operates in accordance with US betting laws and is available in 49 states. Participation in all games is free, and you cannot purchase Funzpoints bonus points.

Can I play Funzpoints on mobile devices?

Yes. Funzpoints doesn’t have a mobile app at the moment, but the site is optimized for mobile devices, so you can play through your device’s browser.

How do I get prizes?

To receive cash prizes, you must have at least 2,000 bonus funzpoints. After you submit a redemption request, the prize will be transferred directly to your bank account within three business days.

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1.9 Overall Rating

5 Replies to “Funzpoints Casino”

  • Vanessa says:

    The dedicated host provided personalized assistance, ensuring that all my needs and preferences were met. Whether it was arranging exclusive bonuses, tailoring promotions to my liking, or simply providing valuable advice, the VIP host went the extra mile to make me feel valued and appreciated.

  • Gina says:

    The intuitive design and seamless navigation ensured that I could focus on enjoying my gaming experience without any unnecessary distractions or complications.

  • Guy says:

    The stunning graphics and immersive sound effects truly transport players into an authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Thomas says:

    The meticulous attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction truly set this online casino apart from its competitors.

  • Scott says:

    The response time was incredibly fast, and the representatives were friendly and knowledgeable. Whether I needed help with a technical issue, guidance on navigating the platform, or information about the latest promotions, the customer service team consistently exceeded my expectations.

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